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Message: "You know as I sit here thinking...I cannot remember how or even when I first began using ya'lls site. I don't remember how I found it or anything. I do know that when I did find it, I instantly put it on my desktop. It's not listed in my favorites, it has its own icon on my desktop! I love your site! Sometimes, even when I am not out to send a card or something in particular, I enjoy looking at the card designs and artwork and admire the thought, time and dedication that goes into each one. I am one that enjoys the simple things in life, and when someone does something like this, no matter how small it may seem to the outside, I know on the inside of them, it hold a big place and a big meaning. Okay enough on all that. I just want to say thank you to all of you that take the time and put forth the effort to bring this site to us that enjoy it so. You are appreciated more than you know. If at any time there is anything we (your site guests) can do to help ya'll out, just yell. I know I for one will be here for ya'll. Thank again for everything. Have a beautiful and blessed life."

Our Response:
Thanks so much for taking the time to email us. It's messages like yours that make what we do worth it! As for what the site guests can do for us, well the best thing we know is to spread the word about our website and the free services we provide women worldwide! Easy ways to to do this are:
  1. Send Free Ecards to your friends. We now have over 1,000 designs--something for just about everyone. Every time an Ecard is sent out, the lucky person who receives the Ecard usually visits our website and sends an Ecard in return. Once a new visitor sees our huge selection of incredible work from our amazing artists, she is sure to come back whenever she needs to send a little happiness!

  2. Mention what Amazing Dreams Publishing is doing for Our Community in your online groups and blogs, and send emails to your friends that include our website link:

  3. Have you read our Coming Out Guide or our Sex Tips Guide? Positive 5 Star reviews on really help with our book sales, and you can mention the free services we provide for women in the reviews! A lot of people don't realize that the more positive reviews we get on Amazon, the higher our books are ranked, and the more women will be encouraged to read them. The more women who read our books, the more find out about our free services, and the more women we can help worldwide! To find out how to write anonymous, 5 Star Reviews for our books on Amazon CLICK HERE

  4. Do you have your own website? A great way to help us is to exchange links with our website. Just use our Contact Form to send us a paragraph about your website, and we will list your comments and your link in our new What Our Loyal Supporters are Saying About Us section. Here's our standard paragraph for linking back to our website:

    Amazing Dreams Publishing has over 1,000 free services for women worldwide, which includes a free online support group for lesbians and bisexual women who are coming out. We also feature a Coming Out section on our website that lists over 100 online resources; lesbian/BI women regional networking groups; over 950 free Ecards designed by amazing artists; the top 75 lesbian movie reviews; Lesbian Horoscopes by Flash Silvermoon; and the daily LGBT news headlines. For more information, please visit our website here:

    Because we have very high rankings in the main search engines, exchanging links not only helps our website, it will really help your website too!

  5. Join the Amazon Affiliate Program and sell our Coming Out and Sex Tips Guides on your website. The Amazon Affiliate Program is free to join, and you can make a commission from everything you sell from your own website.

    And last but not least, purchase gifts for your friends, or yourself, from our affiliate stores. Lesbian Travel Deals with Orbitz and Olivia--great cruises with all women for that perfect getaway with your special someone! A Lesbian Discount Flower Store which has beautiful flowers sent directly from the growers; Lesbian/Bi Pride Store--over 2,000 items perfect to show the rest of us that you are part of the LGBT Family; Lesbian Commitment Jewelry Store--gorgeous custom jewelry made especially for us! Lesbian DVD and Video--monthly specials on DVD and videos if you sign up for a free account; Lesbian and Fantasy Women posters and Lesbian Magnets--always some kind of sale going on at this store; and our Lesbian/Bi Sensual Store, that has over 5,000 sensual products to choose from!

    Again, thanks for your great email, and thanks for supporting us through the years!"


Message: "I just stumbled onto your website while looking for a free online get well card for a woman I met online a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see the information you have for those who are just coming out like myself. I will definitely order your support package within the next few weeks-when I financially
can. Thanks for being there for those of us who are struggling on how to go forward. "

Message: "All cards to my taste. Unusual and with plenty of wexpression. Great. Thanks"

Message: "I love to send e-cards about passion, and love. I have learned a lot about myself thanks to your books, ty"

Message: "i love the informative articles on bisexual women and lesbians and i really enjoy the glittery Ecards.think of it i will send one to my lover!'"

Message: "Gorgeous erotic Ecards. I've not seen any like it before."

Message: "I love your free ecards! Use them quite freqently, in fact. I sent an important one today that I intended to copy to myself. Thanks for all the work you do empowering women. Suzanne"

Message: "The whole site is great. keep up the good work!"

Message: "I have just come out as a lesbian and am meeting many girls to whom I want to send suitable ecards. Yours are great. Luv, Frances XXXXXX"

Message: "My name is Linda and I have a professional and social networking site for lesbians and
other women who love and respect women: Our goal is to "Connect Our
Community" across the country. We also epublish a twice-monthly newsletter to those on our email
list, and have an interactive site at Would love to collaborate with you by exchanging reciprocal website links. Thanks very much!"

Message: "Ecards brought me here initially but everything I have seen so far has impressed me. Inspires me to develop some of my Lesbian photography and get my website going and be a part of this amazing site! Love it"

Message: "I love that you spotlight so many artists and allow use of their work all without fees or catches of any kind. There is a card for every occasion and not just for your lover. Thank you!"

Message: "Great site! Was nice chatting with @AmazingDreamsPu on Twitter, last night... Best, LA"

Message: " metioned your appearance on Oprah!"

Message: "I read your wonderful book, "Lesbian Sex Tips!"

Message: "I am writing to you to let you know of a website I created earlier this year for LGBT Christians in Europe, which hosts plenty of resources, LGBT friendly churches, books, testimonies in many different European countries and languages. If you feel the website is relevant enough, please feel free to add it to your "religious issues" section. Here is the link to the website :
I hope you enjoy your visit there. Once again, keep up the good work. God Bless you and your ministry.

Message: "Searched for Lesbian Love E-cards on Google and found your site. Awesome!"

Message: "
Your support books and group helped me come out to my family. Thanks, I'm a huge lesbian!"

Message: "Hi there: My partner and I just launched 50 Ultimate Lesbian Cocktails, an App for iPhones and iPod-Touches. Thought you might be interested. You can see more here:"

Message: "Like the site for the "classy" cards...have bought a T shirt from one of the artists!"

Message: "The art of water colors is like the beauty of Picaso, monet very intense, will done bravo"

Message: "I love the site and found it very friendly and informative. Thank you for providing such service in a warm and welcoming environment. It should be advertised more on other websites (why not?). How To Be A Happy Lesbian should be standard issue for all who are fledgeling les/bi, etc. I've got the support package and seen the movie reviews. TV shows and comic books are not covered here- are there any with lesbian/ bi themes? While online I came across Yuri and Shojo (such as Revolutionary Girl Utena and Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland (I didn't care for the latter)). Most of these deal with the younger generation- but what about those late in life? There doesn't seem to be much out there for those over thirty. The Ecards are gorgeous! There isn't anyone I can send them to, but I like to look anyway. I also enjoy the lesbian art and fantasy women sections. Are there any resources you recommend regarding self defense/ security? I know you are very busy with all the territory you cover. Thank you for taking the time to read this message."

Our Response: Thanks for the compliment on our website and book. The reason our products are not advertised on more websites is because we are a very small company, and sadly, at this point, we don't have the money to spend on advertising. The book industry has been hit hard by this economy, and we are barely keeping our heads above water. We are doing as much as we can as far as free advertising on the Social Networking websites, and asking for people to spread the news of us via their email lists and online groups. We have affiliate companies listed on our website, where any sale from a visitor from our site nets us a small percentage. We are also working on a totally redesigned website which will include our own affiliate program to sell our Ebook packages and several other ways that we hope will be profitable both to our company and our visitors.

Thanks for purchasing our Coming Out Support Package. Every penny helps us to keep our support group free for women worldwide. If you are not already in our Support Group, you may want to join. We have A LOT of women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s:

As for LGBT TV characters, they seem to come and go, so we don't list them in our books. TV Shows you can rent or purchase on DVD that are primarily gay characters are "The L Word" and "Queer As Folk." We post new movie reviews on our website as much as possible here:

Thanks also for the compliment on our Ecards. The lesbian art and fantasy women sections are one of our affiliates.

As far as resources regarding self defense/ security, I can't think of any offhand--you may want to check your local area for those types of classes. I know here in Asheville, I've seen defense classes for women listed in our local weekly papers.

Thanks for writing us : )

Message: "I found about your website from the book Lesbian Sex Tips. Thank you for such a beautiful website and such abundance of support."

Message: "I like the fact that there is a site design for Lesbian women to and ecards to friends and lovers that are design for them in mind."

Message: "Gorgeous gay erotic cards. I've not seen any like it before."

Message: "This site is really helps the community in different aspects...keep it up!"

Message: "Hi ladies. I have found you through the Internet, I am happy to find your website. Thank you"

Message: "We used Google search to find you guys and we really appreciate your website!"

Message: "LOVE the e cards...just want to know how to change my "info" that automatically come up when I write out the card? (my email address and who I send it to...) Is there somewhere I can change the info?
NO Great Shakes but if you have a chance and can let me know it would be appreciated....THANKS!"

Message: "I have been a user of Wheregirlskissgirls e cards for a while, but now they seem to have disappeared. I was using Internet Explorer to find a new e card site. There are many as you must know, but I liked immediately the attractive way your site is projected, I like the sincerity that I found as I read more of the things you do. I am looking forward to exploring and finding out more especially your support group for lesbians."

Message: "I used inertnet explorer. It is a beautiful site. I am bicurious my g/f is a T Girl and there just are no cards about for us. I desided best place is here."

Message: "Its so hard to find Non-animated sexy girl cards. But you guys got 'em! Thanks!"

Message: "I found you on Google. I was searching for lesbian ecards. I haven't visited your site completely, it's new for me."

Message: "I received a Birthday Ecard and followed the link to your page to see what you had there....and here I am."

Message: "I was looking for a free ecard to send to a friend and came upon this site by accident."

Message: "Hi, i came across your website while searching for something, but i cant seem to find what I'm looking for anywhere. I saw your email address under contact info for questions. I figured maybe i could write you what I'm looking for and you can tell me if you have it or something? My girlfriend said she used to have a strap-on that when she came it came. I've searched everywhere to get her the one she wants but can't seem to find it. i was hoping you could help?"

Our Response: We are guessing your GF is speaking of an Ejaculating Dildo. I'm not sure about a dildo that comes when she comes, but feel free to check out what's in our store here:

Lesbian Ejaculating Dildo

If the link doesn't work, search for the words "ejaculating dildo" in our store here:

Hope you both have a great New Year!
Message: "I found your very interesting site through Google."

Message: "I love the fact that your site is lesbian ecards only because most of the regular ecard sites do not have anything for lesbians."

Message: "I used Dogpile and found this site through that search engine."

Message: "Finally a site that is safe and has the most wonderful cards."

Message: "Yahoo search engine....I'm very interested in lesbian movie reviews with stories about relationships...especially long-term relationships."

Message: "Bein' a lez, I find your ecards ones of a kind, love to send them to friends for different occasions. keep up the great work.!!!"

Message: "I have admired your ecards for years. I think they are beatiful and versitile."

Message: "I love the art, it's just amazing. Thank you so much."

Message: "Why am I lesbian? Genetic or option?"

Message: "I found you listed on Craigslist."

Message: "I Googled "lesbian ecards" and found your site. I'm so happy I did. I looked at the ecards and am very impressed.. I know I am going to enjoy this site.. thanks for being here."

Message: "I've had a link to your site for years, don't remember where I came across you from."

Message: "Someone from Baltimore, MD suggested this site to someone on Facebook in a discussion about harness."

Message: " I used my yahoo quick search bar. I typed free lesbian e-cards! This was the 2nd site to come up! I like the e-cards... it let's my lady know what's up! lol I do wish you could add some with a family theme! It's hard enough raising a family in today's world, but to be a gay family is even harder. Ya know, with the little ones always asking questions... Yall' have a great day!!!"


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