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Graphic and Website Design

How to feature your art or photography
as Ecards on our two websites

Our Mission
We are striving to form a community of nonhomophobic artists who can showcase their work in a very affordable way. We are looking for nonpornographic designs in all mediums, that will fit into our vertical Ecard setup. If you are an artist or photographer, or if you know of anyone who would like to join us, please feel free to contact us by using the form below.

Why have your art or photos on Ecards?
We feature all of our artists' Ecard links on both the Amazing Dreams Publishing Ecard Category Page, and the Category Page of our sister site -

We have an ongoing marketing campaign for both sites, and we are receiving over two million hits a month to our websites from over 150,000 visitors. On the average, each of our Ecard artists receives between 7,000 and 10,000 hits to their Ecard page per month. When you think about the recipient of these Ecards, it doubles the people per month who will see your work.

Our featured artists who have their own websites, are reporting a significant increase of traffic to their sites which are linked from their Amazing Dreams Ecard and Biography pages. More traffic means more exposure of your work, and more sales.

What is included?
Our artists get 15 to 25 of their designs setup on their own Ecard page with a separate biography page. Both pages will have links to the artists' website and/or CafePress or online store.

Every month or so, we will switch out your sample designs on our two Ecard category pages, and also move your design to different positions on those two pages. We do this so that the Amazing Dreams and category pages feature different designs for people to use.

After your web pages are setup, we will include your information, with links to your pages and your own website, in our newsletter which goes out to over 4,000 women. We do this when our artists first come onboard with us, and any time that they submit new Ecards for our special holidays, like Mother's Day, Pride Month, Halloween or Valentine's Day.

You may choose to have a photo of yourself on your biography page, or we can set up the page with an additional sample of your work Your biography page will also include links to your websites and/or online store.

What is the cost to show my work in the Amazing Dreams Ecard Galleries?
Our Ecards are basically to help women worldwide find out about our artists' work. It's a nice exposure for our artists, and it's a great reason for people to return to our website over and over again--a total win/win situation for everyone. Because it is a win/win situation, our online galleries are totally free for both artists and the people who visit our website and send Ecards

The only thing we require is that you follow our guidelines, and provide us exactly what we need to set up your Ecard and biography pages. Your
biography and images will be included in our gallery for free as long as the images are submitted to us in the following format:

72 dpi
JPG Files
320 pixel width by 402 pixel height and not bigger than 80K in size.

Some horizontal designs can be cropped to this size and still look great, or you can make more Ecards by using parts of your artwork. See Janine's Ecard page for samples. All designs must fill the entire 320 pixels width by 402 height. We will not accept designs with a white border.

If you send us images that are not the above size, or you do not have a way to scan or submit your images, then there will be a $10.00 per image crop and resize fee. Please see the paragraph below titled: If you don't have a way to submit samples via the Internet or Email.

Please note: We expect all of our artists to be courteous, and mindful of the fact that we are a small company, and it takes time to schedule in any extra work. We are providing a free service to help you show your work to the world, and we will not tolerate any demanding or rude behavior.

To start the process
Using the form below, please send us your website address where your images are posted. If you do not have a website yet, please contact us by using the form below for an email address where you can send us 3 JPGs, no larger than 80K with the subject heading:

Sample Ecard Art from YOUR NAME

If your art is approved:
If your art is approved for our Ecard sites, then we will want you to submit a total of 15 to 25 JPGs at the size listed above. Please name the images what you would like them called on your Ecard page, and use lower case letters with no spaces. If you image is called Rose at Dawn, please name the JPG: roseatdawn.jpg

For the biography page, you may use a JPG of yourself that is the same size, or we could set up a few JPGs of your art if you are uncomfortable posting a photo of yourself. If you are showing your art or have won awards, you may include that information. We usually go by first name only for our artists, but you may choose to have your full name in your biography.

NOTE: We also need a small paragraph about you and your art that will also be used to announce the acceptance of your work in our newsletter.

To get an idea of of how to set up your biography page, please feel free to look at some of our other artist's biographies, or you can check out the biographies of our artists Private Pink and Mandy here:

Private Pink's Biography
Mandy's Biography

Submitting your designs and biography after approval:
If possible please load your biography, 15 to 25 of your images with a few extras sized to the above specs, to a private page on your website. Loading images to your own site cuts down on our email being tied up in downloading all of your files.

If you do not have a website yet, and you need to submit your files by Email, then your images must be JPGS only, sized to the format listed above, and they must be under 80K each.

For your biography, either type it directly into your email to us, or you can copy and paste it from your Word Processing program into the email. Word documents have A LOT of formatting tags, which takes too much time to remove them for HTML code, so please copy and paste your biography directly into an email so that we can quickly set up your pages.

If you don't have a way to submit samples via the Internet or Email

If you can not provide the above file formats but you have photos of your designs we can still set them up, but there will be a scanning and cropping fee of $10.00 per image, 15 image minimum. Please send the check for $150.00 plus $10 per additional images over 15, made out to Amazing Dreams Publishing, your photos, your contact information including your name, email address, or daytime telephone number, and a SASE to return your samples to:

Amazing Dreams Publishing
PO Box 1811
Asheville, NC 28802

If your samples are not accepted for inclusion on the Amazing Dreams/Lesbian Ecard sites, then we will return your check and all photos in your SASE.

You can also pay for the setup of 15 Ecards by using Paypal. Your designs must be approved before you send us money through Paypal. If your work has been approved for inclusion in our gallery, you may use Paypal to pay for your setup fees:

Or you can send us a check at the address listed above.

Need a website to feature your work?
Amazing Dreams has a design department that can build a website for your artwork. Just email us on the form below, and please include your phone number in the message.

Need an online Store that will manufacture and distribute your designs for free?
Have you heard about CafePress? You can have your artwork produced on all kinds of merchandise like mugs, T-shirts, ceramic tiles, clocks, and about 50 other things. You can choose to have a free store with them, upload your art to their specs, and they will produce your work and send it out to your customers. You set your prices, and receive a commission for everything Cafe Press produces.
Several of our artists are setting up CafePress accounts, and we will link your Ecard and biography pages directly to your store. Another way for you to make money, and if you use the link below we become an affiliate for your work. This helps us to continue the marketing of your work, and it doesn't take a penny away from your profit margin either:

Check out


The Amazing Dreams Design Department

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