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Our Coming Out Support Package
For Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Women

Are you attracted to or even
in love with another woman,
but you have no idea what to do?

Or are you married and you think
you could be bisexual or gay?

Are you coming out as a gay or bisexual woman
and need advice and support?

Are you scared about how you will be treated
by friends and family once they find out?

Are you wanting to improve your life
and accept yourself?

Do you need totally confidential advice and support
from other women who have gone through many
of the same things you are experiencing now?

Our Coming Out Support Package
contains all of this and much more!

If you find that you are attracted to a woman and you need help figuring out if you may be gay, bisexual or a straight woman who has fallen in love with another woman, or if you are in the process of coming out as a gay or a bisexual woman, no matter what age you are, then our Coming Out Support Package may be the answer to all of your questions, plus loads of other things that will help you now.

Protecting your privacy is our number one priority. Because of this, we offer our support package in the Ebook format, for safe and private download to your computer, where you can choose to store them on your hard-dirve, or on a removable storage device, like a flash drive, or burn them to a CD. We do this so that you can get the information that will help you without having physical books that are easily found by others, or having to purchase them in a local bookstore.

Our Support Package is instantly downloadable to the privacy of your own computer, and includes:

How To Be A Happy Lesbian for for Lesbian and Bisexual WomenOur 223 Page Ebook:
How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide

Description: My partner Kathy and I wrote "How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide." This book has a 5 Star rating on Amazon, and is recommended by many gay magazines and organizations. It was also highly recommended by Sue Johanson on her International TV show and also in Sue's book.
Our Coming Out Guide regularly sells for $17.95, but we offer it as part of our Complete Support Package at a greatly reduced price.

"In my collection of books, there are very few for Lesbians so this is a welcome addition: "HOW TO BE A HAPPY LESBIAN - A COMING OUT GUIDE." Some of the chapters include 'How do I know if I'm gay?' and 'How do I recognize if someone is lesbian?' There is information on lesbian lovemaking and safer sex, and the tone is gentle and humorous. For all those women who have ever wondered, I recommend this book."
Sue Johanson Sunday Night Sex Show
Sue Johanson is Canada's foremost sexual educator and counselor

"This is much more than a book offering encouragement, or advice or the sharing of the authors' own personal experiences, it is a book that offers practical “hands on, and how to” instructions for loving a woman properly. That includes respectfully loving ourselves as women, while we safely make love to each other. The chapter “Plain Talk About Safer Sex” was eye opening, and while the writing style is humorous, hopefully everyone reading this excellent book will take the need to practice “safer sex” to heart while taking the object of their desires to bed. While sex is important to all of us, other sections give invaluable information on a myriad of subjects, such as knowing what your civil rights as a gay or bisexual woman are, as well as a wonderful chapter of recommended movies along with their reviews. This book is a must for those recently ‘out,' as well as those who have been ‘out and about' forever. It is funny, insightful and simply put, filled with all sorts of useful information that we can all benefit from--not to mention what a great gift it will be to that special young woman who is just coming out."
Diane Wilde
Cover to Cover Review

"When I was finally ready to come out as a gay woman, I scoured the Internet for resources to assist me with this difficult step. I couldn't believe my good fortune when I discovered "How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide." There, in one book, was everything I needed - from information on coming out to family, friends and coworkers to symbols, role models, politics and living as a lesbian in the world today. There are also additional resources cited: books, organizations, and support groups to aid in the transition for you and your family, or for issues like abuse and hate crimes. The chapters on communication, practicing safer sex, and therapy would be helpful to any person or couple. The sex tips guide was informative and enlightening without being crude or vulgar. For me, preparation is the key; reading through "How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide" helped me face and conquer the fear of rejection and loss that had troubled me for so many years. I was empowered with a newfound confidence and understanding of what it means to be gay, and that it was not something to be ashamed of, but to rejoice in. My coming out became a joyful experience for me thanks to my wonderful friends and family and my new friends at Amazing Dreams"
C. Smarba

Coming Out Advice forGay and Bisexual WomenOur 180 page Ebook:
Coming Out Advice for Gay, Bisexual And Questioning Women

Description: "Coming Out Advice for Gay, Bisexual And Questioning Women" contains many important questions women ask when they are first coming out. Over 100 questions are answered and categorized into the following chapters: What am I?, Coming Out and Fear Issues, Coming Out In School, Coming Out and Men, Coming Out to Family and Friends, Coming Out To Our Kids, Coming Out and Religion.
This Ebook alone sells for $14.95.


I'm from UK, but have lived in Spain for the past five years. I have a young daughter and last year, when I split with her step-dad I decided to explore my sexuality--the sexuality I had ignored for YEARS! I came out as bisexual to my friends and this year, came out as a lesbian. The only thing that helped me understand me were the "How to be a happy Lesbian" and the "Coming Out Advice" and "Relationship Advice" support books by Tracey and Kathy, who started the SFLCO online support group. I cannot express enough to everyone to get these books and read them. If you find the SFLCO support group helpful, these books will really be the icing on the cake!
Tara, Barcelona, Spain

Relationship Advice for Gay and Bisexual WomenOur 167 page Ebook:
Relationship Advice for Gay and Bisexual Women

Description: "Relationship Advice for Gay and Bisexual Women" has the information you will need when you venture out into the gay community and start dating. Over 100 questions are answered and organized in the following chapters: Dating Advice, The LGBT Community and Family Life, Relationship Problems, Childhood Abuse, Coping With The Straight World, and General Living Advice.
This Ebook also sells for $14.95.
"I LOVE the new Coming Out and Relationship Advice books. You deal with some very difficult issues in a very frank and to-the-point manner, yet you do it very lovingly and with amazing humor and wisdom. You give us all of your sage advice and wisdom; from coming out as a teenagers, to coming out later in life; from internalized homophobia and self -hated, to self love and acceptance of ourselves; from meeting other gay women online and in the real world, to dating and moving into long-term relationships; from leaving abusive relationships (or marriages), to moving into self-reliance and standing honestly in our lives as totally actualized lesbians!

I highly recommend both books to every newly out lesbian. In fact, I'm sure these books will be helpful to all lesbians--heck, it is a great advice book for anyone, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. These are very practical and important books that challenge, advise, and support both gay and bisexual women as we emerge from hiding in the closet out into the light of day!
DJ Messier, Portland, ME

Gay and Bisexual Women Travel GuideGay and Bisexual Women's Travel Guide
Description: This Ebook guide is published by Gayellow Pages, and lists accommodations for gay and bisexual women, Hotels, Inns, B&Bs, Campgrounds, Resorts, Bars, Cafes, Clubs, Restaurants, Churches, Community Centers, Women’s Centers, Book and Gift Stores in the US and Canada. You can search for specific key words within the text, like your state our city, or anywhere you may be thinking of vacationing. Gayellow Pages is a sponsor of our SFLCO Group, and has allowed us to promote their travel guide with our Coming Out Support Package.
This is a great guide to have and is a $14.95 value!

"This guide let me know the best local places and also helped me set up a vacation that included gay friendly places to go and see with my new girlfriend! Thanks so much.
Terry Weist, Orlando, FL

Gay and Bisexual Women Coming Out Support Group24/7 Confidential Online Coming Out Support Group
Description: If you do not believe our total conviction to our mission, not only do we have four great books for women who are coming out, we also provide an incredible online support group that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to women worldwide, and you are encouraged to join FREE! This group is for gay, bi and questioning women, and the authors of the books in our Coming Out Package manage and moderate this group, so you will have direct contact with them to ask questions any time you need to do so. This group is for any women who is questioning her sexual orientation or coming out and needs support, and has been online since November of 2003. During that time, we have helped over 4,000 women with their process of figuring out if they are gay, bi, questioning or straight. At this time we have over 1,000 registered members, so you will no longer be alone.
We have been told that this service is "absolutely priceless" to women who are struggling to come out!

Just the books in our Coming Out Support Package retail for $62.80, and support groups charge between $50 and $100 a month, making our total Coming Out Support Package worth between $100 and $150, but if you purchase today, our Complete Support Package is priced at a special introductory rate of only $19.95, with a Money Back Guarantee!

This introductory offer will not last long, and if you are not completely satisfied, our Coming Out Support Package comes with a 100%, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee!

"I used Yahoo and searched for 'Lesbian Coming Out.' I could really use some support in my own coming out process. I'm 64 years old, divorced and just figuring out who I am. I downloaded your Coming Out support Package a few days ago and started reading your Coming Out Guide. What a relief to my confused, scared and buzzing brain!"

Order now through our
Secure Amazing Dreams Publishing Server,
and get instant, private access to our
Total Coming Out Support Package, which includes:

How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide
Coming Out Advice for Gay, Bisexual And Questioning Women
Relationship Advice for Gay and Bisexual Women
Gay and Bisexual Women's Travel Guide

24/7 Confidential Online Coming Out Support Group!

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