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Looking for writers of books
for lesbians, bisexual or questioning women.

Have your written a nonfiction book you believe in but haven't been successful getting it published? Perhaps your manuscript has been turned down time and again and you now have no idea where to go? At Amazing Dreams Publishing, we are committed to assisting writers who are tired of the struggles many women face in the publishing world.

Amazing Dreams Publishing has been selling quality Ebooks and soft cover editions worldwide since when we opened our doors on October, 15 2001. Our background includes years of work in the publishing and book distribution industries, so we know how to help you sell your work in the most economical yet profitable way possible.

Our Program:
With our LGBT bookstores and book distributors going the way of the dinosaurs, we've found that the most profitable way to sell books for lesbians, bisexual and questioning women is to provide instantaneous downloadable Ebooks online. Once a work is set up to sell as an Ebook, there is also very little cost to maintain the work online, and there is no waste--no trees cut down for paper, no wasted money in printing and storing inventory that may never sell, and no shelf-worn copies that can not be sold and have to be destroyed.

Ebooks are also a practically instantaneous and private way to receive information, so a woman who is just coming out does not have to expose herself by going into a local store to purchase books.

The other great thing about Ebooks is more profit for the authors! Although royalty rates for printed books can vary considerably from one publisher to another, 8 to 10 percent of profit for authors is fairly standard. Generally bookstores are given a discount rate near 50% of the retail price, meaning that for a book that retails for $10, the publisher will receive $5.00 and of that $5.00 an author will receive between 40 and 50 cents per book sold.

Your Royalties:
With our online Ebook program, your book will be set up in our online bookstore, and you will receive 30% of the retail price. If your book sells for $10.00, instead of the 40 to 50 cents you would receive for a printed version, you will receive $3.00 per sale!

You will also be given affiliate links to sell your work through your own website, newsletter, blog, online groups or any way online you deem possible. We have spent years mastering how to sell our own work, and we will provide you with ideas and proven ways to market your work. The sky is the limit as far as how much you'd like to put into marketing your own work and making it profitable.

NOTE: Because of the high percentage for Author royalties, Amazing Dreams Publishing does not provide advances for any works listed on our website.

Selling other authors' works:
You can also market other authors' works and earn commissions too! If you have a website, blog, social networking page, like Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace, or are a member of a news groups or any other groups, you can sign up under another writer, and make commissions from their works too!

Just say you belong to an online group and a young woman joins who is just coming out. You can Email her and say you know of a great coming out support package, provide her with your affiliate link, and if she purchases our Coming Out Support Package, you will receive a 30% commission. Our Ebook packages are priced at $19.95, so your commission would be $5.85 per sale. If anyone signs up to become an affiliate under you, you will also receive a commission for each package they sell!

This is a win/win situation for everyone concerned, and if you have a website, social networking page, blog, or belong to any groups, you can download our affiliate banners or post text links, and start generating additional income.

Who can sign up for this program?
Anyone who is passionate about writing for our community. We are looking for quality nonfiction works for lesbian, bisexual and questioning women. We will only accept well written works that have quality information for our nonfiction books.

What kinds of work:
At this point we are accepting helpful nonfiction works written primarily for lesbians, bisexual and questioning women. Your book must be complete and ready to publish electronically, which includes typesetting in a downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

We will only accept works that have been spell-checked and proofread for grammatical errors. Works that have been line-edited by a professional editor are preferred, and may be chosen for further marketing in our future print division which includes sales through, and distributors in the USA and Canada.

How to Submit your work to Amazing Dreams Publishing:
We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you send us an unsolicited manuscript it will not be read or returned, so PLEASE contact us using the form below first. After you contact us, we will then provide you with an Email address to submit samples of your work. For nonfiction we need the first 3 chapters and an overview of the book.

You can send the required materials either printed and mailed to us or Emailed as Adobe Acrobat files. IF YOU MAIL YOUR SUBMISSION PLEASE INCLUDE A STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE WITH ENOUGH POSTAGE TO RETURN THE MANUSCRIPT TO YOU.

Requirement For nonfiction, please send the first three chapters
and a 2 to 3 page overview of your book:

Please send the first three chapters of your nonfiction book, double-spaced. We also need to know the title of your book, and a total word count.

For your overview, please answer the following questions: What is the concept of you book? Why is your book unique in relation to the subject? What problem did you find that led you to write your book, and how does your book help the reader overcome the problem? What is your research based on, such as your own experiences, personal experiences of others, or other writers' books?

For nonfiction submissions, you can send the required materials either printed and mailed to us or Emailed as Adobe Acrobat files.

Please do not send unsolicited materials. You must first use the form below and Email us. Then we will provide the proper mailing or Email address for your submission.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we have a strict policy on SPAM we use only forms for contact on our website, and we will only contact you upon your request. You can also be assured that any information you supply will be held in the strictest confidence. It will be stored on a secure server, and it will NEVER be sold or released to a third party.

To receive a reply from us,
please be sure to list your correct Email address. You may also have to add our Email address to your SPAM block software. If you have a question, we reply to all legitimate Contact Forms within 2 business days. If you do not receive a reply from us, please check your Spam or Junk Email folders.

Your First
Your Last Name:
Your Email Address:
Your Phone Number:
I'd like to submit:
the first three chapters and an overview of my
Nonfiction Book printed and sent by Mail
the first three chapters and an overview of my
Nonfiction Book by Emailing Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

How did you find us?

Search Engine Group Chat Room Friend Other

In the space below, please tell us a bit about your project.
We would like to know the general information such as the name of your book and the page count. Also, please provide us with a paragraph description of your book, and a sentence or two concerning why you wrote it.

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