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New From Amazing Dreams Publishing
Our Lesbian Sex Tips Package for Men who need help
in the Making Love to Women Department:

Are you pretty good in bed already,
but you want to learn new positions
and techniques that will help keep your
sex life exciting and new every t

Have you ever been embarrassed when your
body doesn't do what your mind wants it to?

Or are you a guy who has little, or no,
sexual experience with women,
and you have absolutely no idea how
a woman's body works, and
you aren't sure about what to do?

Our Lesbian Sex Tips Package Deal was written
for guys who want to become great in bed!

Lesbian Sex Secrets
that will make YOU the
best sex partner she has ever had!

Reviewed and Recommended
On TV By Sue Johanson
and "The Sunday Night Sex Show!"
"Many males wonder how lesbians have sex - after all, they don't have a penis between them. You know what? Males could learn a lot of lovemaking tips from lesbians. Here is a great book, LESBIAN SEX TIPS: A Guide for Anyone Who Wants To Bring Pleasure to the Woman She (Or He) Loves. It will answer all your questions. Just because Lesbian is in the title, anybody who loves and is sexually active with women will gain great insight into their sexual responses and how to please them. This is one invaluable little book by Tracey Stevens and Cathy Wonder."
Sue Johanson
Sunday Night Sex Show
Sue Johanson is Canada's foremost sexual educator and counselor,
and recipient of the distinguished Order of Canada

"Make love like a pro--
Lesbian Sexual Secrets Exposed!"

Looking To Improve Your Sex Life?
Just follow our step-by-step instructions
and check out over 100 sexual illustrations
to become the best she's ever had

Is having a great sex life important to you? Have you ever wondered "Did she really get off, or was she just faking it last night?" Have you ever had erectile dysfunction and you have been embarrassed by this? If your answer is "Yes" then this Ebook package may be the answer to all your worries.

Think about it. Entertaining guides that will teach you the secret, tried and true lesbian sexual techniques and positions that would excite and satisfy your sex partner(s) every time
for less than the price of a dinner for two without the movie! These are tips that will help you find the places that she may not even know she has!

Click the Button below
to buy Lesbian Sex Tips Package
plus 4 free bonuses:

Or, for more information, keep on reading:

"Learning these tips from women is the best thing to happen for men! Stevens and Wunder have put together a book that not only contains great information about pleasing a woman, but also addresses the subject with sensitivity and depth. This book really shows that making love doesn't only take place physically, it takes place emotionally as well. I bought the Ebook edition, and the sexual positions bonus is great! Talk about new ways to make love! Some I'd never even thought about!"
Craig W., Charlotte, NC

Imagine her surprise when she has her first multiple orgasms with you, and you know the more you satisfy her the more she will want! Simply put, this book package is like having a sexual guru who can teach you things you may have never thought of.

In the short time it takes to check out our Lesbian Sex Tips Ebook package, you could become a confident guy, who knows how to effectively communicate with women, and wake up the romantic side of a possible new partner or someone you've been with for years.

You will learn the ins and outs of the female body, and how to wake up the the sexual side of women. Our Sex Tips Package has anatomical drawings of a woman's body, and over 100 illustrations of different sexual positions, so that you can become the best she's ever had!

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you practice the sex techniques that we reveal in our Lesbian Sex Tips Ebook package. If you you have sexual performance anxiety because you just don't know what makes the female body tick, or if you are a guy who has occasional, or even permanent, erectile dysfunction, our Ebook Package is guaranteed to help you have a great sex life!

"I was lucky to read a trial copy, and all I can say is thanks for this honest work. My girlfriend and I are both smiling!"
Ben S., NY, NY

If you are a man who has experienced erectile dysfunction, or you can not take sexual enhancement drugs because of health issues, our Sex Tips Package will teach you things you can do that are pleasurable for both you and your partner.

"I sometimes would loose my hard-on. This used to make me feel like I wasn't a true man. I learned these tips from lesbians, and my wife was amazed! In 15 years of marriage I had never found her G-Spot, and when I did--WOW!!! THANKS LADIES!!!"
James from New Orleans

No matter what embarrassing things have
happened to you in bed in the past,
you can now learn tried and true
Lesbian Sex Techniques
that really work!

And speaking of embarrassing, here's a true story
and one of the reasons Kathy and I decided to write our book:

"I have met many people who have never had a satisfying sex life. Lots of straight women don’t feel anything during sex, because their partners don’t realize that jumping on and humping till the cows fly up your butt just doesn’t get it for everyone.

According to a report done by Kinsey, lesbian women are far more likely to have orgasms than straight women. One of the reasons for this is because lesbians enjoy bringing their partners to arousal and most times this is done in a very slow and deliberate way. It is not a “fast feel of the boobs and on to the pleasure tunnel,” which is usually a quick satisfaction for straight men only. Most lesbians also know that making love can encompass more body parts than just your genitals.

I met one couple who were both miserable because the husband had become impotent. He couldn’t take Viagra because of health issues, and the two of them were ready to get a divorce over it.

After this story, where the wife was near tears and the husband was embarrassed, I just looked at them for a few moments, deciding if they could take what I was about to say and not faint or go into cardiac arrest, and then I just blurted out “Hey, I don’t have a penis and I can give my girlfriend as many orgasms as she can stand!” As I waggled my ten fingers at them, they looked at me like I was nuts.

I told them a few sexual tricks I had learned, gave them a pretty explicit lesbian porno movie, complete with sex toys and vibrators, and sent them home to figure it out for themselves. I guess they did because they seemed way happier after that, and they didn’t break up.

Instead of poking around trying
to find the pleasure spots of a woman,
you can now have a whole collection of techniques
and illustrations which will bring the most
hard to satisfy woman to joyful tears!

If you are trying to figure out how to make love to a woman or you want to learn over 100 new and exciting positions, then our Lesbian Sex Tips Package may be the answer to all your questions. Think about it--a book package that will help you become not only better in bed, but also a better partner, and if you purchase today, you will also receive 4 Great Bonuses that will help you even more! For information, see below:
Do you want to discover the secrets and positions that only lesbians know,
and become the absolute best sex partner you can be?

In our Sex Tips Package, you will learn:
Why almost everyone is wrong about what really pleases women sexually.
Quick and easy points on romance and what makes women in the mood.
The little known secrets of how lesbians give each other incredible sensual pleasure.
How to discover a woman's most arousable areas, including illustrations and descriptions of all those erogenous zones.
The truth about how easy it is to have great sex with easy to use instructions on how to find some of the spots that please a woman most, and an answer to the questions "What do I do with the clitoris?" and "Where the heck is the dang G-Spot????"

How to quickly and easily give the most hard to please woman mind blowing clitoral or G-Spot orgasms.

How to become a great lover even if you are a man who can't get an erection.

The correct way to use your your hands, mouth, or fun to use adult toys.

Simple techniques that will help you to communicate easily in your whole relationship.
What every person must know about safer sex, with a list of common sexually transmitted diseases and their symptoms and treatments.

Over 100 Sensual illustrations, providing an easy cure for a dull sex life.

"My wife is so happy! I had a problem with my heart, and I can no longer get an erection. After reading these books and doing the techniques, especially how to do the G-Spot and Clitoris at the same time, my wife had the most intense orgasm of her life, and it went on for a LONG TIME!"
Name Withheld
Atlanta, GA

"A good friend of mine died of AIDs from a female partner, so the Safer Sex chapter was really important to me. I learned that the way to be the most protected is to make sure no body fluids are exchanged by using barriers like latex or synthetic gloves and finger cots for when you are doing foreplay, dental dams or non-pours plastic wrap for oral sex, and of course condoms for any kind of penetration."
D. Wilson
Tampa, FL

Okay, so you may be thinking, "So what's the cost for the Lesbian Sex Tips package?"

Well, realize that to get this information you would have to have access to either a lesbian who would talk to you about it, good luck, or a sex therapist. Sex therapists charge between $85.00 and $120.00 an hour, and you sure won't learn everything you need to know in just one hour. To learn these techniques, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars.

But we don't charge anywhere near that price. In fact, your total investment for our Sex Tips Package is just $24.95-- AND AS A SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY, WE ARE REDUCING THE PRICE OF OUR LESBIAN SEX TIPS PACKAGE TO $19.95! This introductory offer will not last long, and if you are not completely satisfied, our Lesbian Sex Tips Package comes with a 100%, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee!

The biggest reason why our books are so affordable is because we want to help as many people worldwide to have the best lives possible. Our mission is to get this work out to the people who need it, and we are determined to help people worldwide have a happier, more fulfilling, sex life period! And, if you order today, we will also provide you with 4 great bonuses worth nearly $100.00 for FREE:
Over 100 Sex Positions of the Kama SutraBonus #1:
Over 100 Sensual Positions from the Kama Sutra

If you are a straight man that does not have Erectile Dysfunction, we have available a full color Ebook called: Over 100 Sensual Positions from the Kama Sutra.

This 80 page guide features over 100 color illustrations of men and women having sensual fun together. Everyone who purchases our Lesbian Sex Tips Ebook, will be Emailed links to Over 100 Sensual Positions from the Karma Sutra.

This version regularly sells for $14.95!

For OVER 100 new ideas that will improve your love life, download it TODAY for FREE!
For Erectile Dysfunction, Over 100 Lesbian Sex Positions Bonus #2:
The Lesbian Big O: Over 100 Sensual Illustrations

For men who have Erectile Dysfunction, but for health reasons can not take medications, we are also providing the Ebook from our "How To Make Love for Lesbian and Bisexual Women package!"

This Ebook can also be used by men who are open to making love with their entire bodies, and it will show you how women use their hands, fingers, thighs, knees, mouths and most every body part, along with sensual toys, to make love to other women. This full-color Ebook has over 100 illustrated positions of women making love with each other.

This Ebook regularly sells for $14.95, but you will receive 100 more ideas on how to make love to women with more parts of your body FREE!

Perhaps the coolest thing about the guide is that it encourages the use of more than just hands and mouth in the act of lovemaking. The book illustrates many positions designed for stimulation and enjoyment with areas of the body one might not normally think of. For those who enjoy adding toys to love-play, almost every position in the book can also accommodate the addition of toys and some of the recommended positions include a drawn-in strap-on.

Though the title of the book may be "The Lesbian Big O," the guide is also geared to be friendly toward straight and bisexual men “who are open to making love with their entire bodies.

L. A. Vess
Managing Editor,

Over 100 Sex Positions of the Kama SutraBonus #3:
Ancient Forbidden Sex Secrets from the Kama Sutra

As an additional free bonus for acting immediately, we'll also give you a copy of our Ancient Forbidden Sex Secrets from the Kama Sutra.

This 210 page Ebook includes the original translated text of the Karma Sutra. We were looking for a great bonus for our Lesbian Sex Tips Ebook when we accidentally stumbled upon a translation, and we are so glad that we did.

The Kama Sutra provides an amazing look at how being good at making love was very important in ancient times. Of course we must all remember that many of the teachings in this work are outdated. Some ideas could also be viewed as incredibly sexist towards women: like the section on how to hit your partner during intercourse, which we are guessing was like an ancient BDSM technique. Still, there are surprising things in this work that really show us that the ways of love are pretty much the same now as they were then. To enhance your reading, we’ve thrown in 69 illustrations of some of the more unusual techniques.

Most versions of the Kama Sutra run between $15.00 and $25.00--but with the purchase of our "Lesbian Sex Tips Guide" we are giving you our version of the Kama Sutra FREE!

This great Ebook is not available anywhere but on our web site
and in this package, and it is a $14.95 value!
Sex ToysBonus #4:
An Exclusive Password protected Membership
to our Discount Sensual Toy Store!

This membership includes over 5,000 products designed for both women and men! If you REALLY want to BLOW HER MIND, bring out a powerful sex toy either before or after you've been together, and make her climax 5 to 10 times more!

Seriously, guys! Lesbians get tired too, and when we do, we whip out a hard-core sex toy to continue on with the pleasure. There's nothing to be ashamed about--use the thing as an extension of your hand or your mouth, and make her KNOW that you are the best partner she's EVER HAD, or that she ever WILL have!

All products in our Discount Toy Store are at least 25% less than our regular store. This is a huge savings for anyone who wants to bring
more spice to his sex life, and a $50 value!

Note: Discount on Sensual Toys Only. Video, DVD, Pay Per View is not included.

Well, there you have it. With these 4 bonuses you've got a complete system for creating the best sex life possible for yourself and your female partner(s) right now! Together, these 4 free bonuses are worth over$95.00--nearly 4 times the price of our Lesbian Sex Tips Ebook,but they're all yours absolutely free when you order today!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your happiness with our Ebook package is completely guaranteed
In fact, here's our 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:

If you aren't 100% satisfied with our downloadable PDF Ebook package, we don't expect...or keep your money. Simply contact Amazing Dreams Publishing and we'll happily refund your money in full. Even if you decide the Lesbian Sex Tips Ebook Package is not for you - the free bonuses are yours to keep regardless, as a "thank you" gift from us. That means you can't lose!

Lesbian Sex TIps PackageYou can read the Lesbian Sex Tips Ebook Package at our risk, while you see if it helps you with your sex life. If our Ebook package is not everything that we have said it is here, we honestly want you to ask for your money back, and we'll let you keep the free bonus gifts as our way of thanking you for giving our Ebooks a chance to help you.

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on us. If you don't feel that our Sex Tips Ebook package has helped you to become a better sensual partner, then we don't want to take one cent of your money. This is how much we believe in our Ebooks, and our mission to help people have a better love life worldwide.

Look at it this way -- $19.95 is really not much for the quality Ebooks you will receive that will help you become a better sexual partner to the woman you are with, and with these 4 great bonuses you just can't loose!

You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In Yourself
and a Better Quality for Your Sexual Life

It's easy to get started right away. Just Click on the link below, and you can have access to our Lesbian Sex Tips Ebook Package and your 4 free bonuses immediately! It couldn't be easier or faster: Get our books today, be the man of her dreams tonight!

We guarantee that you will receive great information that will help you become a better sexual partner or your money back!


Tracey Stevens and Cathy Wonder
Authors of:
"Lesbian Sex Tips: A Guide for Anyone Who Wants
To Bring Pleasure to the Woman She (Or He) Loves"
"Over 100 Sensual Positions from the Kama Sutra"
"The Lesbian Big O: Over 100 Sensual Illustrations"

To order now through our Secure Server,
and get instant access to our Ebook
And Your 4 Free Bonuses!
Click The Button Below:

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