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About Amazing Dreams Publishing
and what we do to support our community:

Amazing Dreams Publishing is the creation of Tracey Stevens with help from her partner Cathy Wonder. The following was written by Tracey about why the company was started, how it is evolving, and the hopes and dreams she and Kathy have for the future:
Many people have asked me why I began writing and eventually opened Amazing Dreams Publishing. My answer usually starts out with the fact that I had studied art and writing my whole life, but everyone kept telling me that I would never make any money at these occupations; so I settled for a degree in Mechanical Engineering/Technical Illustration. The technical illustration training took care of my need to create art and write instructional manuals, but I found so much prejudice from men in the engineering field that I became a graphic/website designer instead. I've always written stories and created artwork since I was a little kid. I won several awards for writing in school and I showed artwork in shows throughout Florida, so writing and art are the things I love the most--that and working with animals, especially horses.

I started writing novels in the early 1990s, and I found that a lot of my books centered around the hard issues that most other writers won't touch, like women becoming successful after experiencing devastating circumstances such as child abuse. Being lesbian from an early age and growing up in an abusive household, I had a lot of experience with coming out as a teenager and child abuse, so I wrote about what I knew; but at the time these kinds of stories were not acceptable by mainstream NYC publishers, and my manuscripts were rejected over and over again.

I began searching for lesbian publishers and came upon Wildcat Press. It turned out that Patricia Nell Warren owned Wildcat Press, and Patricia's novel "The Beauty Queen" was the first gay-themed book I'd ever read when I was 15 years old. I contacted Patricia about reviewing one of my novels, but she was not accepting outside manuscripts at that time. She did read some of my work, and she suggested I also write some nonfiction books to get my point concerning how you can be a success even though you may have gone through hard times in your past. This is why the book "How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide" was written. Patricia also encouraged me to take back the control of my work and open my own company, and on October 15, 2001 Amazing Dreams Publishing was born.

A couple of years after we started Amazing Dreams Publishing, our company took off in an unexpected way when a woman emailed me about our book: "How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide." She said she was married and coming out in a small town in the Midwest, and even though she loved the Coming Out Guide, she wanted to know more about how she could come out of her marriage.

Kathy and I didn’t have a chapter specifically for married lesbians in our first book, so when this woman emailed me, we decided to open an online support group for all women who are coming to terms with their sexuality--whether they are lesbian, bisexual or questioning. On November 5, 2003, the Support For Lesbians Coming Out (SFLCO) was born.

Since that time, the SFLCO group has helped over 5,000 women with their coming out process. We now have over 1,000 members from all over the world, including countries where being a lesbian can get you 10 years in prison or even executed! We have had many women email us that our group has actually saved their lives. I never thought the company would evolve in this way, but I do believe that this support group is one of the most important things I have done in my life to date.

Kathy and I have also written, illustrated and published 5 books: “How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide,” “Lesbian Sex Tips: A Guide for Anyone Who Wants To Bring Pleasure to the Woman She (Or He) Loves,” “The Lesbian Big O: Over 100 Sensual Illustrations," “Coming Out Advice for Lesbian and Bisexual Women" and “Relationship Advice for Lesbian and Bisexual Women." Our Lesbian Sex Tips Guide was picked up by Selector in Mexico and translated into "Sex Tips Para Lesbianas," which is available from our website in an Ebook format. I have several lesbian novels on the back-burner too. We have been Featured Writers and Advice Columnists for LesbianNation magazine, Lesbians On the Loose" (LOTL) Magazine,,,,,,,, and We've also been interviewed by companies like and have worked with producers from the Showtime network.

While writing books for lesbians, bisexual and questioning women, creating Amazing Dreams Publishing and her sister websites, managing the SFLCO Group, and being an Advice Columnist for women worldwide is a large portion of my life, it's only a small part of the big dream I have had since I was very young.

I have been a lesbian from birth, although I didn't put a name on my orientation until I was 15. Ever since then, one of my biggest dreams has been to create a community where women can live and work together in a safe haven.
This dream has evolved over the years, and I've had a couple of members in our Support Group freak out about this idea, asking if I'm trying to start up a commune or a cult, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm thinking of a cooperative community, where the land can be subdivided, so that women of different income brackets can afford it. I'm thinking at least 100 acres--preferably 200 to 500, but 100 is a good start, with portions of it that would be subdivided and sold to women who want to buy in to the community.
It would be great to have some kind of an apartment building for younger women just starting out, then 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 5 acre land parcels for women who want to build their own homes.

In my dream of this co-op, there is a little town in the front of the property, where women can have shops, restaurants, etc., then the apartment buildings, then the neighborhood, then the acres going from smallest to largest, then a therapeutic horse facility with lots of pasture and gardens on the back end of the property. If anyone wants to sell, then that property would be bought back into the co-op as part of the agreement of living on the land.

Because I came from an abusive situation myself, one thing I REALLY want to do, is to have this Co-op set up so that some of the profits can can provide assistance to young runaway lesbians. Over 40% of runaway teens are LGBT and have been disowned by their families. Wouldn't it be great if we could join together and help these young women by giving them a safe place to live, and setting up scholarships so that they could get a good education and have happy productive lives? It would be so much better than having their lives totally shattered because they have been forced by homophobic parents to live on the streets.

Kathy and I also want to have a conference center that offers all kinds of workshops and seminars like writing conferences and relationship seminars. I'm also very much into horses, I've had horses all my life, and at some point I want to incorporate my knowledge of horses and provide therapeutic programs for women who have been abused.

When I was little, the only thing that saved my life was my horse. I was a small person who was able to ride on a very large, powerful animal. He gave me so much strength that I made it through those years of being abused. When I was on him I felt safe. If not for my horse, Shane, I would not be alive today, and I'd like to help others gain back their power through relationships with horses.

I'd also love to set up this Co-op so that we have assisted care facility for when the women living on the land get older. Maybe even some kind of lesbian nursing home...I'm hoping that after the runaways are educated, that they would want to be involved in some of these businesses in our community.

This is my dream I've had for most of my life, and I really hope that one day all the work I've done will pay off so that we can buy our large tract of land, and the community of Dreams, NC will be born. If not, I will keep on with my mission of helping women have better lives worldwide.


Tracey Stevens
Amazing Dreams Publishing

If you'd like to read more in-depth interviews with Tracey and Kathy, you can access them here: Amazing Dreams Publishing Pressroom.

If you'd like to help with our mission to make Dreams, NC a reality, see the Help Us To Help Others section at the bottom of this page.

Our Services


Some of the women who have downloaded our coming out guide have written us notes of thanks, but many have voiced that they are isolated and have no way of locating a community where they can feel safe and find the support they need. Because of these emails, we paired-up with Gayellow Pages to sponsor our online Yahoo Group: Support For Lesbians Coming Out.

With this group, we provide a haven for women where they can find acceptance and a friendly atmosphere to post messages to each other. New members are given a special link to our Coming Out Support Package. The writers are moderators of the group, so they are always available for questions.

The Editor of the Gayellow Pages is also a member of this group. Gayellow Pages has been extremely supportive by joining us in our mission to help women who are coming out worldwide. They sponsored the download of this book from the very beginning. If you do not have a copy of the Gayellow Pages, you should think about getting one. It is one of the best resources for finding all kinds of services for our community in the USA and Canada. It is known as THE SOURCE FOR WOMEN SINCE 1973.

If you are just coming out, or if you can be a supportive "Big Sister" to someone who is, we invite you to join the Support For Lesbians Coming Out group. Be brave, introduce yourselves, and find an online community that will be there for you.

LESBIAN NETWORK is our networking service for Lesbians, Bisexual, and Bi-Curious Adult Women. All such women ages 18 to 118 are welcomed free. We have networking groups for every main region in the US, and many English speaking countries. These groups are for women to find a supportive community in their own areas, a thing we all desperately need in the finger-pointing, prejudiced times we are going through now. We decided to start these networking groups as a way for local women to have a friendly place where they can go and possibly have a social outlet in their areas. We hope that these groups will be beneficial to all the women who become members. See our Regional networking groups here: Lesbian/BI Women Networking Groups.

People seem to absolutely love our Ecards, and we just wanted to share the little story of how the Ecard gallery on our website got started. Several years ago, the founder of Amazing Dreams Publishing, writer and artist Tracey Stevens, wanted to send an Ecard to her partner for their anniversary. She was sadly disappointed to find that nearly all the Ecards available for lesbians and bisexual women at that time were pornographic in nature and unsuitable to send to her partner's place of work. Since Tracey worked as a graphic designer by day, and a publisher by night, she decided to design Ecards that everyone could use, and the Ecard Gallery at the Amazing Dreams Publishing website was born. Amazing Dreams Publishing also purchased, and we now have over 1,500 Ecard designs from 35 artists and photographers who showcase their work:

If you are an artist or photographer, or if you know of someone who may be interested in having her work shown in the Ecard format, please visit our information page:

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Help us to help others

To all the people who have visited our site in the last few years, we'd just like to say how much we appreciate your ongoing support. We are a small company, struggling to provide services for our community. If you would like to help us to continue on our mission to have a safe, supportive place for women worldwide, there are a few things you can do:

Send an email telling all of your friends about Amazing Dreams Publishing. Let them know about our Ecards, our online support and networking groups, and our books and services:

Know someone coming out, needs help in her relationship or who is in need of ideas in the making love department? Our books make perfect gifts for birthdays or just to say you care.


Coming Out Support Group Package
How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide
Coming Out Advice for Lesbians and Bisexual Women
Relationship Advice for Lesbians and Bisexual Women
Women Loving Women Support Package
Lesbian Sex Tips
Sex Tips Para Lesbianas
Spanish Edition
The Lesbian Big O: Over 100 Sensual Illustrations

Lesbian Sex Tips Package for Men
Sex Tips Para Hombres Package
Over 100 Sensual Positions from the Kama Sutra
Ancient Forbidden Sex Secrets from the Kama Sutra

If you've read our soft cover books or downloaded the Acrobat PDFs, and you liked what you read, you can help our books sales by writing positive 5 Star reviews on For more information, see this page::Help Us Help Women Worldwide, write positive Amazon Book Reviews

We are an affiliate with TLA Video, so any movies you purchase by linking from our site to TLA gives us a small percentage back from them. This helps us to continue providing free services for our community. We have over 100 lesbian film reviews that go back to 1928.
Check out our online lesbian movie reviews.

We've got 60 of the best lesbian magnets to ever adorn your refrigerator or filing cabinet! From sensual to radical, from pride to fun, these magnets make great gifts for friends, lovers, and just about anyone who loves women!
Visit our Lesbian Magnet page for the best in miniature art.

Want to really impress the neighbors? We've found 35 gorgeous lesbian-themed posters and art prints, and we'll be adding more soon. Frame them yourself, or most can be bought with frames. Decorate your home with beautiful photos of women together, or hang one on your bedroom ceiling!
Visit our Lesbian Poster Page for beautiful prints.


Are lesbian posters a bit too much for your taste? Check out our gorgeous fantasy women artworks! There are many shown on our website, some are available printed on canvas, and you can choose to also have them framed and shipped directly to you or a friend as a gift. Who can resist a gorgeous woman with a sharp, shiny, sword? We sure can't!
Visit our Fantasy Women Page for beautiful prints for us.

Amazing Dreams Publishing proudly presents the sister store for both our Coming Out and Lesbian Sex Tips guides. We have over 5,000 of the best sensual toys, hand-picked by and for lesbians and bisexual women. Our store has secure online shopping, fast delivery, discreet packaging, and no embarrassing visits to your local male-owned toy store. From multifunctional vibrators, to pillows with secret compartments for your toys, we have the best selection for women on the web.
Visit The Lesbian-Bi Sensual Store

You can put a small link to our site from yours. Here is a paragraph that summarizes our website:

Amazing Dreams Publishing
Amazing Dreams Publishing features a Coming Out Support Package, and a Sensual Support Package written with inclusive language for anyone, female or male, who loves women but needs a road-map to Femville. Our books have been recommended on TV by Sue Johanson on the "Sunday Night Sex Show." We also have over 1,500 free lesbian Ecards designed by amazing artists; the top 100 lesbian movie reviews; an online Flower Shop for lesbians; a 24/7 coming out support group; a Coming Out Section with Over 100 Online Resources; Regional Lesbian Networking Groups; Fun Lesbian Magnets and a Lesbian Sex Tips Toy Store which features over 5,000 sensual products.

If everyone who visited our website sent us one dollar, we would be well on our way to making our Founder's dreams of a woman-owned, Co-op community near Asheville, NC come true! ! If you'd like to send a much appreciated non-tax-deductable contribution of any amount, you can do so through our Paypal account here:

Just use our email address:

Or if you'd like to support us with a small monthly donation, CLICK HERE



The Amazing Dreams Team
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